LALALU Kidscafé™

Parndorf, Austria

 Kidscafé is a place where parents can take a break and their children play under the care of qualified supervisor and animators.   

We all do everything we can to give our children the best education and highest quality living conditions possible. Alas, our efforts often ends up consuming all of our spare time, that was originally reserved for our children.

This is exactly the story of hard-working mother Shannon, who was searching for way how to combine time-consuming carreer and raising her three children - also a very time-consuming activity indeed.
Instead of compromising, she made a hard decision - she left her previous job and created a space where she can work and be around her children at the same time.

You too can experience unforgettable moments with your little ones in our Kidscafe. If your children are aged 0 - 3 years, just have a wonderful time with them while enjoying our coffee.

Or you can go shopping and have a little break from them, if they're aged 3 - 10 years. Our trained instructors and animators will take care of them while you discover the latest brands in Parndorf.

Moreover, we can throw a fabolous party for them they will remember a lifetime.

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