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LALALU play mats are synonymous with safety and quality in the children's play mat market. We have playmats of different sizes so that everyone can choose the right one for their child. You can choose from high-quality and affordable standard playmats made in high-quality XPE foam as well as premium playmats made in memory foam, which is extra soft and thus perfectly cushions accidental falls and protects the child from injury. The choice is yours...

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Lalalu Premium 190x130cm White Star 0m+ 3
Lalalu Premium 190x130cm Hexagon 0m+ 3
Lalalu Premium 200x140cm White Star 0m+ 3 900512
Lalalu Premium 190x130cm Blue balloon 0m+ 3
Grey Star 75x44cm
Premium 140x140 Happy Birthday main 101059
premium happyBday L 3 101061
Magic forest main
Small Town 200x150cm
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