Lalalu Baby playmats

Can you hear the laughter?


In a land where dreams meet everyday life and houses are full of laughter and warmth, there you will find the miraculous LALALU.

Created out of pure love and a desire to bring joy into the lives of the littlest treasures of every family.

With the help of clever fairies and helpful dream keepers, LALALU creates unique treasures that will brighten your children's eyes and bring comfort into your homes! 

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Lalalu Premium 190x130cm White Star 0m+ 3
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Grey Star 75x44cm
Lalalu Premium 200x140cm White Star 0m+ 3 900512
Lalalu Premium 190x130cm Blue balloon 0m+ 3
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Premium 140x140 Happy Birthday main 101059
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For those looking for perfection in every detail of the home, LALALU premium playmats are the most suitable. Due to weight between 5 and 10 kg (depending on size), these mats are stable and safe as they blend perfectly with the floor of your home, eliminating any risk of shifting.

LALALU PREMIUM PLAYMAT is made of the highest quality memory foam, protecting every fall of your children. It's a material that contributes not only to softness and comfort, but above all to safety - because we know that nothing is more important.

To encourage children's endless curiosity, PREMIUM LALALU playmats are designed in different colours and patterns to stimulate visual and tactile perception. This symphony of colours is the key to opening new doors to the world of sensory development, because every touch and look is a new path to discovery.

And what's more? PREMIUM LALALU were created to be part of your family for years, maybe even generations!

Choose PREMIUM PLAYMAT and create a space for your children where safety merges with adventure, and every fall is just the beginning of a new game.


LALALU camping mats are masters of adaptability, designed for exploring the beauty of the outdoors.

Their lightweight and collapsible design, complete with a handy carry bag, makes them ideal companions for every adventure under the sun - from picnics to days spent by the water. The LALALU camping mat is the queen of the outdoors.



In LALALU, we're committed to making sure each of our playmats represents the pinnacle of quality and durability. Designed to withstand the demands of endless adventures, our pads are considered the most durable on the market. Each piece is a symbol of our relentless pursuit of excellence and lasting value.

 LALALU premium playmats are made from high quality memory foam, providing best comfort and support. This material not only adapts to your baby's every move, but also ensures that the pad will retain its shape and functionality over many years of heavy use.

Every LALALU playmat is a testament to our passion for innovation and commitment to providing the best possible environment for play and learning.


With LALALU, you can count on investing in quality that will last and serve your family for many joyful years.


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