Dutch designer and inventor Sybren Jelles loved to play with cars as a child. Especially outside, with the wind in his hair. When he noticed in 2003 that his son Joep had inherited this passion from him, an original idea was born in his head. He created an indestructible, flexible and water-resistant road course.

Waytoplay is not just an ordinary toy. It's an original design piece that is also incredibly practical and versatile. In each set you'll find easy to connect parts - roads, curves, parking lots, roundabouts, intersections and much more. Waytoplay tracks are made in Germany from high quality, health-safe rubber that meets all safety and health standards (including the European toy standard EN-71).

The biggest highlight of this toy is its versatility. You can use the tracks anywhere. On the beach, in the playroom on the carpet, in the garden, in short, whenever and wherever you want.

Children are by nature great explorers and explorers. It takes very little to unleash their imagination. And Waytoplay gives children the tools to create their own play. It encourages imagination, creativity and teaches children how to solve problems - all of which will be very useful to them in the future.

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